A versatile Microscope for three dimensional view in research and Industrial uses.

With Built in illumination, High quality of optics and mechanics.

Salient Features:

♣ 3D extra wide field of view.

♣ Coated lens eye piece WF 10 x of 30 mm diameter.

♣ One eye piece tube with diopter adjustments.

♣ Slide in type objectives 2 x and 4 x parfocal .

♣ Long working distance 80 mm and 55 mm.

♣ Fine focus by rack and pinion motion.

♣ Round glass stage with black and white matted plate.

♣ Provision for filter light in the base.

♣ Built-in transmitted light 6 V – 20 W at base solid state variable control input 220 V AC

♣ Plywood case with lock and key.

Model: MSA-138

Catalogue No. NMK-22
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