1)   Batrachospermum vegetative

2)   Batrachospermum cystocarpic

3)   Chara apical tip VS median in high power

4)   Cladophora WM

5)   Dictyota Apical dichotomy WM low power

6)   Dictyota thallus TS low power

7)   Fucus male conceptacle VS

8)   Fucus female conceptacle VS

9)   Oedogonium holdfast in high power

10)Oedogonium macrandrous male and female WM

11) Oedogonium nanandrous male and female WM

12) Oedogonium vegetative filament WM

13) Spirogyra vegetative filament WM

14) Spirogyra scalariform conj. early stage

15) Spirogyra scalariform conj. late stage

16) Spirogyra indirect lateral conj. beak formation

17) Ulothrix sexual and veg. Stages

18) Volvox male colony WM

19) Female colony WM

20) Daughter colonies in mother WM

21) Volvox fresh in low power

22) Vaucheria with an antheridium and oogonia WM

23) Vaucheria germinating zoospores WM.

Catalogue No. NS-02
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