1)   Daphnia WM

2)   Cyclops Female with egg sec

3)   Cypris WM

4)   Body louse (Pediculus) Adult male

5)   Body louse female WM

6)   Bedbug (Cimex) WM

7)   Anopheles male adult WM

8)   Anopheles female adult WM

9)   Anopheles mouth parts male WM

10) Anopheles mouth parts female WM

11) Anopheles larva WM

12) Anopheles pupa stage WM

13) Culex male adult WM

14) Culex male adult WM

15) Culex female adult WM

16) Culex mouth parts male WM

17) Culex mouth parts female WM

18) Culex larva WM

19) Culex pupa WM

20) Housefly (Musca) mouth parts

21) Honey Bee (Apis) mouth parts

22) Butterfly mouth parts WM

23) Drosophila adult WM

24) Honey Bee sting apparatus WM

25) Zoaea larva WM

26) Limulus larva WM of king crab

27) Unio Mantle edge CS

28) Unio Gill TS

29) Unio Shell VS

30) Butterfly larva living in habitat.

Catalogue No. PS-06
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