NMK- 14


Coaxial Controls

Make Focusing Convenient


Body                                        All aluminum pressure diecasted body. P.U. Coating in light cream shade.

Observation head   360° rotate able and 30° inclined head with all anti-fungus coated prisms.

Eyepiece                                  A paired 10X wide field eyepiece.

Nose piece                              Reverse type Quadruple ball bearing Nosepiece.

Objectives                               Set of 4X, 10X, 40X, and 100X

Focusing system             Co-axial focusing system with three planetary gears assembly. With slide protection lock.

Mechanical stage   Coaxial Ball bearing double-plate mechanical stage for Smooth functioning.

Condenser                               Bright field sub stage condenser having 1.2  N.A.

Illumination                 6V/20W halogen lamp  needs  220V and 50 Hz supply.(Optinal LED  Illumination System also available with batery backup.)

Model: MCIB-84

Catalogue No. NMK- 14
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