Tablets or capsules taken orally remain one of the most effective means of treatment available even today. Tablet Dissolution is a standardized method for measuring the rate of drug release from a dosage form.

Consists of A water bath with 500 W heater  covered 1000 ml. glass vessel  and a digital temperature controller. Variable speed motor, with 30 cm. long 6 mm. dia. Stainless steel shaft. A cylindrical stainless steel basket and a membrane fixing attachment, water bath of  thick acrylic sheet with transparent cover at top. Temperature of the bath is maintained at 37°C with an accuracy of +/-_ 1°C. A cylindrical glass vessel of capacity 1000 ml. with slightly concave bottom has a flanged edge at the top to accept a fitted cover having four holes. One hole is in the center. The shaft of motor  fitted on an upright and has an electronic speed regulating device that allows the speed to be varied from 25 to 250 R.P.M. The shaft, with basket fitted at the end rotates smoothly and without any perceptible wobble. Basket consist of two parts, one of which is to be attached to the shaft of solid metal except for 2 mm. vent and is fitted with three springs clips that allows removal of the lower part of the basket to admit the test samples, the detachable part of basket is  of stainless steel mesh formed into cylindrical  3.6 x 2.5 cm dia. Works  220 volts  50 Hz  A. C.

(b) same as above but analog type single stage.

Catalogue No. NPH-28
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