Used to determine the durability and abrasiveness of tablets. A transparent perspex drum of  perspex sheet 6.4 mm. thick, 300 mm. dia x 35 mm. deep and white cover disc and nut, also a shaped radial fixed blade which carries the tablets along with it up to the central height and lets them of while the drum is rotating. Thus the tablets rub against each other without any hard impact. the drum rotates at a fixed speed of 30 R. P. M. by a geared motor and the rotation period is controlled by a timer having duration of 1 to 15 minutes per determined end preset. The motor unit is housed in a shaped mild steel cabinet with shaft extended on one side upon which the drum rotates. Switches with neon indicators and time switch are fitted on a panel land provided, work on 220 volts 50 Hz  A.C.

Catalogue No. NPH-11 
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