Traditional Stable Stand, Rotatable Head

Convenient and Easy to use                                                  

Salient  Features :

  • Monocular head rotates 360º and is inclined 45º with 10 x wide field eyepiece, which can also be replaced by binocular head.
  • Quadruple revolving nosepiece with quick change of magnification by a click stop.
  • Achromatic objectives 4 x, 10 x, 40 x spring loaded,  100 x spring loaded oil immersion.
  • Positive, preset travel stops prevent body tube removal and slide damage.
  • Fixed stage 120 x 120 mm with precision mechanical stage for x and y movement of the slide upto 75 x 50 mm having fine graduated scale and vernier on both sides.
  • Dependable rack-and-pinion coarse adjustment with separate fine adjustment.
  • In-stage condenser and five- aperture disc or iris diaphragm with filter holder.
  • Illumination by plano-concave mirror which can be replaced by substage lamp.
  • Traditional stable stand and base finished to a very high quality.
  • Supplied complete with dust cover in thermocole case.

Model: MIM-48

Catalogue No. NMK-10
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