Kymograph consisting of a revolving drum, bearing a kymograph paper on which a stylus moves up and down displaying the effects of the drugs on contractile tissues, is commonly used in experimental physiology and pharmacology laboratories in teaching institutions. Muscle or tissue movements are recorded on paper fixed on moving drum using recording lever. PVG’s Kymograph with digital display  i.e recording drum is microprocessor controlled unit and is advanced version in comparison to old type of electrically driven pulley adjustment drum.

Technical Features

  • Maintenance free: Microprocessor controlled unit
  • 16 × 2 LCD Display
  • Digital speed selection
  • Highly accurate speeds-0.12,0.25,0.50,0.75,1.00,1.25,2.50 mm/sec
  • Digital Timer & Time multiplier with Audio & Visual Alarm Very low power consumption
  • Easy height adjustment of drum
  • Auto concentration response curve (CRC) mode & Normal mode Sturdy, corrosion resistant body
  • Battery backup (optional)
Catalogue No. NPH-45 
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