Azolla with Sporocarps, Equisetum Prothallus, Equisetum Plant with Sporophyte, Equisetum Veg Plant, Isoetes Entire Plant, Lycopodium Shoot with Cone Plant, Lycopodium Selago,

Lycopodium Phlegmeria Plant, Lycopodium Reflexum Plant, Lycopodium Helmidium Plant, Lycopodium Clavatum Plant, Lycopodium Cernum Plant, Marsilea Veg. Plant, Marsilea Fertile Plant, Marsilea Germinating Sporocarp, Regnellidium Fertile Plant, Selaginella Veg. Plant, Selaginella Fertile Plant, Salvinia Veg. Plant, Salvinia with Sporocarp.

Catalogue No. MY-01  (g)
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